18 of the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Brands and Bloggers


Are you a brand that wants to work with a brand that wants to work with an influential or influential brand, with some of the best marketing marketing platforms Will help you sign up. To find who you are!

Influencer marketing is a billion dollar industry and is no longer limited to the Kylie Jenner of the world! Micro-influencers are also a growing market (a person with less than 100,000 followers). If you plan to run a highly successful influential campaign (or alternatively want to be an influencer for a successful campaign), then you need to make sure that you choose the right influencer / brand for the job.

One of the most important aspects of working with influencers is to ensure that your audience and brand align with them.

As a brand, you can either try to find these influencers yourself, or you can sign up for influential marketing platforms that connect you with the right influencers for your campaigns.

To help you decide, I have compiled a list of the 18 most important influential marketing platforms for bloggers and brands.


Trend is an invitation-only app that connects amazing developers with brands for paid Instagram sponsorship opportunities.

Trend knows that affected are always looking for brand involvement, but many people don't know where to start.

It can take days for the right person to find the email, and even longer to reply.

Hence, why Trend was created.

Trend allows you to manage the entire brand Instagram sponsorship process, eliminate the hassle of finding the right associations for you, and eliminate the long email threads you need to negotiate with brands.

Most importantly, the trending platform gives you creative and easy-to-use freedom to create branded content that resonates with you and your audience.


Indahash has been named the most influential marketing company of the year at Indahash 2018. They currently connect brands with influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Inda Hash has been around since 2016 and ever since, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, P&G or L'Oreal. The app has over 700,000 registered digital influencers.


Tribe website screams creativity. They position themselves as a company that is not focused on the number of followers, but on the work and creativity that it can provide to the brand.

This is good news for influencers who are just starting out and don't have 10,000 followers yet.

For influencers, Tribes works a little differently than other influencer marketing platforms, those brands post what they're looking for, and influencers have to upload a photo to showcase their product.

From there, the photo is rejected or accepted for promotion, in which case you get paid.



From an influencer's point of view, the Influenster is a place, especially for little influencers who want to start.

Influencer is known for sending samples of new products to a wide range of influencers, who can then start building their portfolio through product reviews.


Australian influence platform Hypetap currently has around 3,000 influencers ready to collaborate.

This may not sound like a lot, but to become a Hypetap Influencer, you need to be manually picked. While Hypetap has a limited network of influencers, the quality of the influencers is very good. 

Hypetap has partnered with companies such as LG, The Body Shop and Disney.


Openinfluence uses proprietary technology to enable brands to track their ROI with those with whom they work. Influencers are also carefully selected to stay away from their platform.

Openinfluence has worked with Coca Cola, Lexus, and British Airways, to name a few.


Ifluenz connects brands with Instagram influencers through its platform.

Brands have the ability to preselect Instagram users to work, and from there influencers can accept or decline an invitation to a project.


Shoutcart boasts of being the largest marketplace for social media influence. The difference between Shoutcart and other influential platforms is that Shoutcart acts as an e-commerce website.

Influencers will price a "scream" or social media post, and brands will add different influencers to their shopping cart.


HYPR is also one of the most influential directories.

Influential people are categorized based on resettlement, such as age, gender, income level, and interests, which makes it easier to find feedback that meets your specific criteria.

Brands do not dive into the detailed analysis of the audience to make sure that every influencer is in the right place.


According to Hyper, more than 500 brands use their services for effective marketing.


Julius makes it easy for brands to find effectiveness, allowing them to categorize influential people through more than forty search filters. In addition, Julius says, "they offer a million handmade impactful data points to identify the perfect influence for your next campaign."

Because Julius makes it easy to see information outside of basic demographics, brands can be sure to integrate with hyper-targeted influences. Julius has worked with Airbnb, Costco and Reebok.


Tapenfluence claims to be the only effective marketing engine for brands to prove 11x ROI. With over 50,000 opt-in influencers, Tapenfluence has a large library of brands to choose from.

Tapinfluence offers state-of-the-art search, enabling brands to reduce their ideal effectiveness to less than 50,000+ pools.


FameBit connects youtubers to brands and is supported by YouTube. Content created by Phambet has generated over 1 billion views so far.

Fame Butt works somewhat like other influential marketing platforms in these brands, and influencers who think the partnership is right for them can apply.

From there, you will be able to successfully create content for selected selected influential brands.


Revfluence says they "use machine learning on more than 500,000 demographic, content quality and audience-based influencers to tailor the best influencers for your campaign." The ability to search for influencers can be easily accomplished through their powerful discovery engine.

As a manufacturer, Refluencer promises fast payment and the ability to connect with the brands you choose.

Reflux is used by brands such as Calvin Klein, Beer Minerals and Zumba Fitness.


Reliable by Walmart and RBNB, NeoReach is another popular influential marketing platform with thousands of impressive homes in various locations.

As a brand, NeoRach allows you to use up to 40 different search filters to find the perfect impressions for your next campaign, including the ability to search audience demographic information.


Find Your Influence (FYI)  is a major influential platform that connects 100,000 influencers with Sony, Bacardi, Walmart and more brands.

FYI offers a huge pool of special places, from athletes, fashion and automotive to the dead, multicultural and many more. FYI provides the market with a brand to find a place for the right influence, analytics, secure payment and support. Like many influential marketing platforms, FYI is a one-on-one platform that provides analytics to the desired brands to track brand engagement.


Grapevine allows brands can submit suggestions to their own markets, giving YouTube and Instagram influencers the opportunity to apply for the campaign. If the brand chooses an influencer to work with, the brand will continue to create terms and conditions through Grapevine and ultimately track campaign analysis. 

This allows influencers to apply for effective campaigns that appear to best represent their brand and image. Today, influencers earn over $2 million in total through Grapevine.


Scrunch is another platform with a powerful platform that allows impressive people who meet certain criteria to filter brands.Not all influential marketing platforms are free, but Scrunch has a free plan for small brands.


IZEA offers a very unique service: Elderly Sponsors. Basically, you don't need to send an influencer to advertise your product. While you can prepare other ways to test your product for influencers, in terms of content creation, augmented reality allows you to create content without the need to physically do the product.

Which influencer marketing platform is right for you?

To find the most influential marketing platforms, we recommend signing up for all of the above platforms to see which ones offer the most collaboration.