I'm sure you've seen the confusion caused by Instagram that made some algorithm changes. Although I'm sure this isn't new to you, updating the algorithm has impacted Instagram's interaction rate and exposure. Gone are the days when you had to trust Likes and post and run while you were still very engaged. Instead of wasting time beating the algorithm (yes, you're wasting time!), I'll tell you 5 things you should do with each Instagram post to maximize your engagement.


If you have decided to pursue a blogging career through Instagram or use Instagram in addition to your blog, profile settings are key. Setting up your profile correctly can directly affect your performance and the type of followers you attract. See some key points to maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram profile.

1. Change your profile to a business account - Provides access to valuable information about your posts and your target audience (+ If you plan to monetize, brands will check to see if you have a business account)

2. Use the name option when editing your profile to login more than just your name. For example, if your name is Radhika, write Radhika + Lifestyle. Adding keywords to your name increases the likelihood that they will appear in the search bar when someone enters those keywords.

3. If you can, make a niche below. While I take a completely opposite approach to my blog, following Instagram may help a bit. Instagram is a great social media platform with lots of activities. Notching down allows you to stand in a small pool. For example, I chose Delhi + Lifestyle, which means I focus on all the things that Delhi + my lifestyle share. 

4. 4. Make sure your profile shows exactly who you are. If your blog is about beauty, please include related topics in your bio. If it's Food Instagram, put relevant food topics there. Makes sense? Your biography has a limited number of characters. Focus directly on the spot in that small space to describe who you are.

5. Include contact information. Can people keep in touch with you? Have you provided an email address? How can people get in touch to collaborate? Specify this and provide the required information

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Once your account's default settings are set, start changing the way you post. Remember, engagement is a two-way street. To make a commitment, you must be willing to give (and I promise to give more than you receive). Well, without further suspense, let's see 5 things you should do with 5 Instagram posts.


it's not a 100 up stupid way to determine the best time to post, but it can show you when most of your followers are active. This is important because you want your audience to post in the current time! You want people to see your post as soon as they see it!

Research shows that the engagement you receive in the first hour of posting is the most valuable from an algorithmic point of view. By posting when your audience is active, you will increase your chances of seeing your post.


Spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes on each post before moving on and connecting with others (and then!) Like, comment and respond to people's stories before you intend to post. Most people are likely to give back in favor, and then comment on your post. This is also important because the more you engage with other people, the more you will appear on their timeline! 

Engaging with your audience before you post is key to the success of your post! 


Whenever you post, you should do these three things:

1. Add a location (tagging a place increases your chances of meeting you when you search for that place)

2. Other Tag accounts (the clothes you wear, the items you have, restaurant rentals, your visitors, your account that will make you and other friends rural again! The more you tag, the more Chances are people will see you.)

3. Use unique 30, quality hashtags.


To be honest, I could just sit here and throw a bunch of hashtags that you can add to your comment. However, this will not take you very far. Instagram prefers when you use unique hashtags every time you post (i.e. if you have 30 saved hashtags that you copy and paste each time, get rid of them now!)

Your own unique hashtags related to your niche. You will be able to take advantage of the local aspect of your location (for example I use many Delhi hashtags that will not help you if you don't live there) and change them according to your post.


However, I will tell you how to do hashtag research! Take time (before posting) to type different hashtags in the search bar and check if they meet the following criteria:







1. Choose hashtags that use between 20 and 600,000. Anything above and you risk losing your post, anything below and you don't have a large enough audience! Make sure the hashtag is being used (check last time people used hashtags). This can be done by clicking on the hashtags listed> recent> click on the last post and see who last posted it!)

2. They contain more than one word (Instagram uses such one-word hashtags). Do you have trouble thinking about them? Do what I do. Take for example 'summer' and convert it to #summervibes, #summerday, #summermood, etc. He immediately completed better hashtags.

3.  You are relevant to your contribution. While a popular hashtag can generate more Likes for your photo if you only use one hashtag, you don't attract the right audience (making them less likely to follow your account). It will be better if it has less high quality likes (that is, accounts that really want to follow it). Also be careful - people can report their photos if they don't match the hashtag!

Note: If you don't have enough time to research hashtags, you can participate in my research. Here are the 3 most popular hashtags according to your niche.

Hashtags for Instagram:- Use these Hashtags for more Engagement

Remember that you have 30 hashtags that you can use. So use them! Be sure to change which hashtags you use each time. Avoid irrelevant hashtags!


This is the most difficult but most rewarding point. While it's nice to dream of being an Instagram star, if you don't know anything about your audience, you will never earn their trust. Take the time to really get to know them, talk to them, and respond to them. Following people on their own journeys to success is so rewarding to watch!

If you eventually want to monetize your Instagram or blog, gaining trust is very important. You want your followers to trust your opinion and actually share your honest thoughts, opinions and reviews with them. Ignoring your audience is a big mistake you can make as an Instagrammer. To avoid this, I have some suggestions:

1. Reply to comments. Even if it's just a simple thank you! Somebody took the time to make a comment on your post. To confirm this, you can do at least.

2. Respond to your messages (appropriately, I will not respond to spam, scary or abusive messages - they will be deleted and the person blocked). By this I mean you take the time to respond when someone takes the time to message you to appreciate your work! Or answer a question! Remember that there is room for all of us under the Blogging Sun!

3. Share a piece of yourself with others. It can be so scary at first, but your audience wants to see a real person. They want to associate with a face. They want to hear you on their stories! Be real and share things with them. The more personal relationships you have, the more you connect and resonate!


After all, don’t let Instagram hurt or break you. Follow this advice to increase engagement organically and grow a loyal audience. For me, Instagram is fun and a way to share my stories and blogs with others (and that's why I love them). The more fun you have on Instagram, the more fun it is!