55 Sites To Use For Selling Your Stuff Online

You don't need any special skills or expertise to sell what you want to get rid of. This is a household money opportunity that almost anyone can afford.

There are all kinds of specially priced products, from old textbooks and make-up to vendors. Some of the sites below are perfect for artisans, artists, and recyclers who take old products and give them a new lease of life.

Selling your old waste is a great way to waste your life while avoiding waste. When thousands of people want to buy something cheap and recycle it, why throw things in the trash?

You can make a lot of money from these sites, and in most cases you have to send the goods you want to sell or request a shipping kit. . For inspection Even in cases where the opportunities for profit are more limited, the investment of time is so small that it is worth it anyway.

What do you want to sell?

Sell Your Designs

TeeSpring – Design and Sell Your Own T-Shirts There is no clear price and it is very simple.

Spreadshirt – Another very popular site that you can use to create designs and sell them in a variety of clothing.


Threadless – To list your items listed for sale on Threadless, you must win the competition for a list of items sold unnecessarily. They post topics on a regular basis, and any designer can offer a highly appreciated idea to their customers. The winning product will be added to the store.

Zazzle – Create a Zazzle store and sell your artwork and designs. You can sell your designs on T-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. After winning Zazzle stock, set the selling price and earn 10% commission.


CafePress – Promote and sell creativity with real-world products in your Cafe Press store. Cafe Press has a core price for each product and you can maintain your own profit margin.


Society6 – This site resembles a coffee shop, but seems to offer a more extensive range of products for print designs. Once you've become a certified seller, it's as easy as posting your design list.


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Sell CDs, DVDs, and video games.



Decluttr – Use the Declutter to get rid of your used CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and games. You can enter a barcode for your item on your website to view instant offers, or you can download the Declater app to scan your offer barcode.


Second Spin – You can sell your used CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and games in Second Spin. You will have to pay for the shipping, but you will be charged based on the goods you have shipped.


Ziffit – This company specializes in buying CDs. They make the transaction process easier and faster. Payments can be made in a number of ways, including PayPal, Bank Deposit or Check by Mail.



Sell Used Books and Textbooks



Blue Rocket Books – They have a textbook repurchase program. If they buy you one of the used textbooks, they will pay you and shipping is free.


Bookbyte – BookByte purchases used textbooks in good or reasonable condition. They pay by check, cash or PayPal.


Cash 4 Books – Sell your books and textbooks from the Cash 4 book. Enter your ISBN number for quick reference. They offer prepaid shipping labels.


CKY Books – This company buys you new and used books. You can send them for free and if they meet the specifications, they will offer PayPal payment within 48 hours of receiving your item.


eCampus – Sell old texts by Ecampus. Free shipping label provided. Choose a payment method: check, bank transfer or store credit 


Powell's – Powell gives you second hand books. After receiving your gift fur, you can do free shipping at Powell. They give you Pavel Store Credit or PayPal money for the books you send.

BookMonster – This site specializes in buying and selling used paperback books. They are only interested in buying books with high customer demand. The site has a searchable list of about 60 pages indicating which books they are currently buying. If your books are on the list, you can get 40% off the list price


Textbook Rush – This site is primarily for selling textbooks. They pay by PayPal, cash or store credit.


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Sell Electronics

Amazon Electronics Trade-In – Amazon takes your old electronics. However, these are all Amazon gift cards until payment has been made.


BuyBackWorld – They carry all types of used electronics including cellphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and more.


Gazelle – With Ghazal, you can sell your old cell phones, iPads, tablets, Apple computers and used or non-functional iPods. Ghazal shipping is for free.


Swappa – This is the market for selling (and buying) used smartphones and tablets. No sales costs, your equipment sales are free.


Best Buy Trade-in – They redeem all types of electronics. You can use the tool bar to get a quick quote. You can then send the item or bring it to your nearest store. No wonder the payment takes up to 10 days and it is best done in the form of a buy gift card.


Nextworth – This company is affiliated with Target Stores and does the same as Best Buy. You can pay by check, PayPal or Target card and get a 10-day turnaround period.


Gadget Salvation – The company is primarily interested in buying and selling older computers, especially laptops. However, you also buy smartphones and other devices.


Usell – They are mainly targeted at smartphones. Payment will be received within 5 days after confirmation of payment. Receive money via PayPal or check.


SellShark –  They are buying used phones and computers at the time, but was only interested in Apple Pal Pal, Sony and Samsung products.

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Sell Your Unwanted Makeup



Glambot – They accept high quality cosmetics for sale (not pharmacies). You can use it neat and fresh.


MUABS – Another online makeup and skincare marketplace that embraces new or under-used products that you no longer need. You can set your own prices. In addition, MUABS is open to shelters made from high quality materials or sieges



Sell Your Clothes



Recycle Your Fashions – This is an online consignment store. You can send them a list of what you want to convey and they will tell you what they can receive. They pay the shipping cost for the items they pick up and then send you 50% of the final sale price of the items you sent when they were sold.


ThredUp  – Sell your child's clothes on ThreadUp. To get a large bandage bag, you need to pay 95 4.95 (including the cost of transporting the bag) and then fill it up. Threadup then sends PayPal payment for the items you sent 


Swap – This is one of the best stores online. The company says the average salesperson earns $ 150 for a box sent to them.


Material World – This is where you request an exchange kit and a special shipping bag will be sent to you. Fill it with the clothes you want to exchange and return. They will take a look and make you an offer to make sure it meets their criteria. If they decide they don't need certain items, you have the option of returning or gifting them.


Poshmark – This site is more like a used abbey with a social touch. Users can follow their favorite vendors, and you can build audiences from time to time to serve specific niches.


Tradesy – This company allows you to post photos of your item and set a price. If you don't know what price means, it will give you a hint. When you receive the sale, they will send you a prepaid shipping kit.


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Selling Educational Items



Teachers Pay Teachers – Download your lesson plan, worksheet, quiz and other activities to buy teachers. Get 60% royalty on items you sell with a free subscription. 


Lesson Plan Store - This is a great market with lesson plans for sale. You can use it to list your own lesson plans.


Selling Arts & Crafts – Handmade Items



Artfire – No cost to sell individual crafts, just a monthly fee for your store.


Etsy – Sell your vintage or handmade items with your own Etsy shop at Etsy. Cost of inventory of everything for four months.


Amazon Handmade – This is Amazon's largest business - a craft market. It is believed that it will work after Moto becomes its rival.


Hyena Cart – This site allows you to sell crafts and items for the whole family as long as there is “greenery”. You can create your own storefront on site, but you will need to pay a 5D filler storage fee when you stock the store.


Big Cartel – This is a popular site that allows artists and craftsmen to create showcases. Large cartels do not charge a commission on your sales, but you are limited to 300 items in one store. This plan is up to $ 30 per month for your storefront.

Aftcra – The company specializes in handicrafts in the United States. They do not charge a registration fee, but they deduct a small percentage from each sale.


Bonanza – This is a huge market with a beautifully designed website. They do their job as a seller-friendly company with lower fees than most competitors. 


Craft is Art – The company offers a premium membership option where you pay a monthly fee (وقت 7.99 at the time of writing) and get unlimited listing at no extra cost. They also offer a free option, but you can list only 100 items and you will have to pay 5% commission.

StoreEnvy – This company focuses on creativity and uniqueness in its marketing. Look for suppliers with unique products and stories. They have a very open market where you can set up your business and start selling in minutes. The store is free to open, but a 10% commission is paid on all sales.


Zibbet – The website differs from other artisanal provider portals that are integrated into their extensive online marketplace by providing business web hosting and online web builders. They offer four levels of membership from 00.00 to .00 to 16.00 per month, and the higher editions offer more advanced features.


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Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

CardPool – This website offers you a 92% cash back on gift cards sold, as well as free shipping for gift card emails.


Gift Card Rescue – This company only accepts physical plastic gift cards. They should be at least $ 20.



Other Sites to Use



Amazon – May even say that you can sell everything using Amazon.


Amazon FBA –  It is sold on Amazon and Amazon does it instead of shipping to customers. Receive the item and send it to Amazon. They handle the rest.


Storenvy – Create your own online store to sell something. Facebook Marketplace-Sell content on Facebook and share ads with your location and friends.


Bonavendi – This site doesn't actually buy merchandise, but offers an excellent interface for price comparison between various buyback sites


Eaglesaver – The company from electronics to music to books. I'm buying everything. To get a quote, select the type of item you want to sell and enter the UPC or ISBN code to get a quick quote. They are known for fast payments.

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Auction Sites

Ebay – Sell Anything. You can set up an auction or set the Buy Now option on an item so that buyers don't have to worry about bidding.


Listia – This site works like eBay. The big difference is that the shopping stores have credits that can be used to bid for other things. The loan can be converted to cash if needed


You can use the list above to start cleaning up old assets that you no longer need and bring appropriate benefits to your process.


If you have personal experiences with the sites listed above, or have information about other sites that you should include, please let us know in the comments below.