How to Approach Brand for Collaborations

Before going further first you should knew about the brands you can or you should collaborate with,

For your convince I have found 100+ Brands who collaborate with influencers and bloggers.


How to introduce yourself

When you reach out to brands by email, make sure you are reaching a real person, not a team address such as "". Most people in the company probably receive hundreds of emails in their inboxes every day,so it's important to contact the right specific people here.

Then you will arrive directly in the body of the email. Your email should explain who you are and how you can help your brand achieve its goals-'what you want'.

You can then include links to your audience's demographics, engagement rates, and media kits that automatically update your sample content to enhance your case. Don't forget to make sure that you also added the previous support and rate book price list.

You can also include action phrases. This allows the user to whom the email is sent to complete certain tasks. For example, if you want the brand to respond by email, ask. If you would like to see the content, please include a direct link. 

Influencer pitch templates

There is no fixed way to market an influencer pitch template brand, but being able to come up with creative ways is a great opportunity to connect with them. However, it does give you an overview of how you interact with the brand and the information you need to show them.

Note: The purpose here is to build long-term partnerships with these brands.

When writing your email you should point out the following:

1. Who you are

2. What have you done in the past and what social channels do you use most often

3. Some examples of related recent posts from which they May be interested

4. Why do you want to work specifically with this brand?

5. How do you prefer to work with brands and what do you charge for the organization? 

Below we outline 3 different email templates that you can use to get started now.

Promoting a brand as a new influential person 

Even if you're a new influential person or haven't worked with a brand before, that doesn't mean you can't get started. When you have few examples of collaboration with brands, it is important that you keep this step short, enjoyable and specific.



I've been using [BRAND] for three years and [why you like it]. I especially like [GET SPECIFIC].

90% of my podcast [social channels] audience [demographic statistics] are male [their goal is demography] and they will like your product too. 

My podcast [link to social channels] gets 10,000,000 listeners [statistics] every month. I want to talk about how we can work together to promote your product.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Introducing a brand for a free stay


Thank you for reading the email. I'm a blogger and run a popular travel blog [link to content]. We are currently planning a trip to [Place] on [Date]. I am looking for a local hotel partner during my stay.

I first found your hotel in the [background], but the readers of my blog look forward to how they can enter this hotel and increase their audience. ]

My blog/month [statistics] Reader built and my Instagram closed. Number] or follower and engagement rate X%. 

 If you'd like to collaborate together in exchange for a free stay, I'll post one review on my blog, three Instagram photos and regular updates during my stay.

Whether it's for press releases or public relations, I want to be free to use the content and images in the marketing materials.


Looking forward to your reply.


Pitching for product collaboration


I've been using [THEIR PRODUCT] enthusiastically for more than 3 years, which is useful for [profit].

I regularly post on your social channel [link] about your brand and people often ask about [specific products]. 

In the past, I've worked with brands like X, Y and Z and with my 100000 followers and 6% engagement rate, we've seen a 65% increase in sales [add your own data].

I would love to work with you to promote [specific product] and listen to your collaborative ideas.


[Your Name]

Pitching a brand to start a relationship


I am reaching out to say that I absolutely love [the brand] and use it for [the time frame]. . One of my favorite products [special product] is because of [the reason]. 

I'd love to hear more about the brand to see if there's any way to get involved with promoting your products on my social channels. [LINK]



Be prepared for negotiations.

Consider how much time and effort a particular collaboration requires, what value it has to a relationship with the brand, and how much your collaboration helps the brand achieve its business goals.

Get started now

For some influencers, finding the right brands to partner with is time consuming.