1. Spredfast

Spredfast has a range of social network management tools that can help you handle many facets of social media management in an effective manner.The accuracy yet as reliability of this software is worth commendable Here you get an opportunity to schedule several social media posts prior to and may acquire the method for multiple accounts. Here you get an opportunity to style the campaigns as per several social media platforms and may even have a glance at the analytics of social media.

This software also encompasses a module for audience monitoring with which you'll easily specialize in several metrics viz. gender, language, location etc. Here you may also receive interactive drag and drop interface with which you'll easily control several features viz. sweepstakes, customization of contests, making survey forms etc. While using Spredfast you get to focus several aspects of selling over social media viz. intelligence, conversation, promotions and experiences.


2. Later

With the assistance of this social media campaign management software you'll be able to easily control several social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. one among the foremost effective features of this software is visual calendar with which it might be easy for you to upload and schedule images through drag and drop feature. Later also provide tool of free link which might easily be used on the profile of Instagram, then you'll be able to easily link it to numerous blog posts and web portals.

The interactive user features of this software will provide you with effective ease of use, even for the very first time.

This affordable social media management tool also provides automated follow up with the Instagram profile and helps you manage your campaign with mass of ease. there's even a story button within the software with which you'll be able to easily schedule content which you'll be able to upload on the Instagram application.


3. Edgar

This software is taken into account as best for corporate social media management as you get to form a library of varied contents which include several categories together with the slot for specific category. Edgar software then fills the time slots with a particular content inside the library. The fully automated feature of Edgar provides it an whip hand because it creates and schedule posts on social media in an efficient manner.

You can use Edgar for several business organizations and might even thoroughly monitor your posts which you placed on several social media platforms. once you start to upload new content on social platform with this social marketing management software then it'll eventually update all of your older posts. this fashion your posts won't become out of date and you get an opportunity to remain engaged along with your customers. Edgar also helps you to avoid wasting time as you'll be able to easily add content in an exceedingly bulk fashion or can even get connected to RSS feed.


4. MavSocial

This is an efficient program for social media management business where you get more target visual content. to urge more customers for your campaigns you'll easily manage several advertisements on Facebook with this software. There are several other effective features which you'll use and make the appliance work properly like reporting, scheduling still as reporting. Furthermore, MavSocial also provide you digitalized library which is employed for the edition of multimedia and you get an opportunity to decide on from several stock photographs.

Through this social management tool it gets very easy for you to watch keywords properly, get engaged with specific important topics and obtain thorough analysis of trends. you'll also get tagging which is powered with AI, thus you'll easily upload, store still as manage content of various form. This software also provides you with efficiency in assigning tasks, organizing workflows for a number of social media activities.


5. eClincher

This social network manager's interactive user dashboard gives you effective ease of use for perfect social media management.

Here you'll be able to easily automate posts with the assistance of RSS feeds, smart queues. Furthermore you'll be able to even rummage around for several influencers present on several social media platform, thus it helps you increase your business. you may get training personally, through webinars, online and documentation. Developers provide round the clock assistance and you'll be able to easily approach through online.

eClincher also considered as best social media campaign management tools it gets quite easy to trace the performance of your brand, manage multiple accounts, provide analytics and reporting. Here you furthermore mght get an opportunity to plug over social media, this you'll be able to complete with the assistance of several features viz. keyword filtering, targeting a customer, automated publishing etc. it's also easy to schedule time for your post.