Captions on Music

  1. A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

  2. All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.

  3. I can chase you, and I can catch you, but there is nothing I can do to make you mine.

  4. I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.

  5. I see my life in terms of music.

  6. If I cannot fly, let me sing.

  7. If music be the food of love, play on.

  8. If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing.

  9. It is always fatal to have music or poetry interrupted.

  10. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.

  11. I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.

  12. Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.

  13. Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.

  14. Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.

  15. Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.

  16. Music can change the world because it can change people.

  17. Music could ache and hurt, that beautiful music was a place a suffering man could hide.

  18. Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

  19. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

  20. Music is an outburst of the soul.

  21. Music is everybody’s business. It’s only the publishers who think people own it

  22. Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear.

  23. Music is my higher power

  24. Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.

  25. Music is the language of the spirit.

  26. Music is the shorthand of emotion.

  27. Music is the strongest form of magic.

  28. Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.

  29. Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.

  30. Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy

  31. Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.

  32. Music sounds different to the one who plays it. It is the musician’s curse.

  33. Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.

  34. Music with dinner is an insult both to the cook and the violinist.

  35. Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.

  36. My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence.

  37. One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

  38. Tell me what you listen to, and I’ll tell you who you are.

  39. The only truth is music.

  40. There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.

  41. To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the music the words make.

  42. Virtually every writer I know would rather be a musician.

  43. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

  44. Where words fail, music speak

  45. Without music, life would be a blank to me.

  46. Without music, life would be a mistake

  47. “A lot of music is mathematics. It’s balance.” – Mel Brooks

  48. “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” – Aldous Huxley

  49. “How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” – Jane Swan

  50. “I think wherever you go, when people hear good music, they will react to it.” – Wiz Khalifa

  51. “I wanted to prove the sustaining power of music.” – David Bowie

  52. “If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.” – Charles Darwin

  53. “It’s almost charity work, what people have done, turning other people on to my music.” – John Mayer

  54. “It’s like if the music is loud enough I won’t be able to listen to my own thoughts.” – Nic Sheff

  55. “It’s never too late to do anything new when it comes to music.” – Sivamani

  56. “I’ve always felt music is the only way to give an instantaneous moment the feel of slow motion. To romanticise it and glorify it and give it a soundtrack and a rhythm.” – Taylor Swift

  57. “Ladies and gentleman, I’ve suffered for my music, now it’s your turn.” – Neil Innes

  58. “Music became a healer for me. And I learned to listen with all my being. I found that it could wipe away all the emotions of fear and confusion relating to my family.” – Eric Clapton

  59. “Music can change the world because it can change people.” – Bono

  60. “Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” – Leonard Bernstein

  61. “Music comes from a place we don’t know.” – Chris Martin

  62. “Music enriches people’s lives in the same way paintings and literature do. Everybody deserves that.” – Victoria Wood

  63. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

  64. “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

  65. “Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” – Keith Richards

  66. “Music is a proud, temperamental mistress. Give her the time and attention she deserves, and she is yours. Slight her and there will come a day when you call and she will not answer. So I began sleeping less to give her the time she needed.” – Patrick Rothfuss

  67. “Music is a way to dream together and go to another dimension.” – Cecilia Bartoli

  68. “Music is all about training in harmony, training to understand and use musical energy for our greater pleasure by attuning to the natural laws of the universe.” – Jane Siberry

  69. “Music is an element that should be part and parcel of every child’s life via the education system.” – Victoria Wood

  70. “Music is really driving my whole life.” – Ariana Grande

  71. “Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” – Pablo Casals

  72. “Music is the fourth great material want, first food, then clothes, then shelter, then music.” – Christian Nestell Bovee

  73. “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” – Leo Tolstoy

  74. “Music is the tool to express life – and all that makes a difference.” – Herbie Hancock

  75. “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” – Robert Fripp

  76. “Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together.” – Edgar Winter

  77. “My music is best understood by children and animals.” – Igor Stravinsky

  78. “My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.” – Bob Marley

  79. “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  80. “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

  81. “You create a community with music, not just at concerts but by talking about it with your friends.” – David Byrne