Captions on Photoshoot

  1. All of god's grace in one tiny face

  2. Too lit to quit

  3. Too many fishes in the sea but I am the only mermaid

  4. In case you need a new wallpaper

  5. I know I am cute but you can remind me

  6. Be the energy you want to attract

  7. Dreams are my reality

  8. Take time to do what makes your soul happy

  9. I rather be hard to deal with than easy to play with

  10. And I don't want to smile if it ain't for you

  11. Be a self-starter

  12. Too many ants telling bees how to make honey

  13. Your self respect gotta be stronger than your feelings

  14. I'm at a place in my life where peace is priority and negitivity cannot exist

  15. Pretty to see, Hard to catch

  16. A mind full of unsaid things

  17. Be yourself, because original worth more than a copy

  18. Boots,class and a little sass

  19. Clouds suits my mood just fine

  20. Doing the most saying the least

  21. Don't tell me I'm less than my freedom

  22. Fashion fades, denim jackets are eternal

  23. Feeling pretty today

  24. Forgive,Yes Forget,Never

  25. Get your sparkle on show this world where you belong

  26. I don't came here to lose

  27. I don't have a type,if we vibe we vibe

  28. I don't want approval to be me

  29. I m not perfect I m enough

  30. I'm here for a good time not for your time

  31. Ice me out

  32. If there is one thing I m wiling to bet on is myself

  33. In a world full of choices,i choose me

  34. It's getting hotter

  35. Life is not a problem but a reality to be experienced

  36. Lips of honey eyes of fire

  37. Lost in the world that doesn't exist

  38. Me weird ? Bitch i'm limited edition

  39. Move on they are not your destination

  40. My hear went oops

  41. My life is better than my daydreams

  42. Not just a pretty face i m much more than that

  43. She sins like the devil, she loves like the angel

  44. She's an old soul with young eyes,a vintage heart and a beautiful mind

  45. Some women fear the fire some simply become it

  46. Style is my AURA

  47. Sweeter than honey

  48. Tall but firm

  49. The picture is worth for your comment

  50. There is always a wild side to an innocent face

  51. Trust me boy you wanna be high for this

  52. Watch more sunsets than Netflix

  53. When picture speaks more than words

  54. When you fall in love with yourself,the whole world fall in love with you

  55. Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with a mermaid

  56. You Are A Reason Of 4 Billion Years Of Evolution

  57. You must run out of sweetness

  58. Your imperfections make you unique

  59. She Had A Galaxy In Her Eyes And A Universe In Her Mind