6 Easy Steps to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

We have created a (magnificent) monster with Instagram. It is the second largest network behind Snapchat, with more than 180 million monthly active users. We are clearly a visual group. And our focus leans more and more towards the visual aspects of communication (which eventually created enough pressure to grace us with taco emoji).


So what exactly does it take to be successful on Instagram?

Aside from the obvious: posting continuously, sharing beautiful unique images, strategically using hashtags, interacting with others, you know, simple tasks, right? (Ha!) It also takes a consistent form of your eating and feeling. This is the number one thing I see repeatedly as I read (yes, study) others' success with Instagram and in my own choosing who to follow


           A great image makes you hit ‘like’.


           A great feed makes you hit ‘follow’.


So what makes an Instagram feed harmonious? The simplest answer, because it is technically different for everyone, is a running theme that ties everything together. Certainly personal images look great; But when viewed together in their correct little squares, you get a total story. So, we will tell you how you can achieve it.













6 Ways to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Color + Background

Choose a color palette that matches your brand. One of the best things about sticking to this first step is that it makes everything a lot easier when deciding what to post. It is not possible to predict whether it will fit your shape and naturally create a more uniform shape, even if you still find some other steps. This is also the hardest for me because I usually see everything when taking pictures, but it helps to control this recommended post and allows me to say, yes it is very Excellent, but not suitable for it.

If you are not sure how to make colorful nails, find your feed (free) 3 day challenge! How to find your color scheme, how to shoot your content, and follow along with your 9 grid templates. You will never expect a post!

The above color is part of the theme, but for the background we are focusing specifically on what elements we bring out of the photo. All-white is definitely more popular on Instagram, but good photography is also needed to ensure a clear white background every time. Will your photos be mostly lifestyle or shot in a simple background? Consider bringing some of your big brand colors as background or make it more creative with the look!

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Find your rhythm (ugh, sorry) with editing software or apps. Do you like rich and saturated colors? Or bright and clear details? Get up to speed with how you want your images to look and get consistent again. This may not always mean that the exact same changes will be made, as each image may start out differently. However, over time, you will discover how to use similar steps to achieve the same end result.

Apps I Love Right Now: A Color Story, VSCO + Snapseed

Image Content

Capturing images inspired by editorials or in-store displays? Are you going to include your personal life "behind the scenes" and # girlboss'ing in your feed when you have coffee (hello, when in Chicago!) Or will you keep it strictly product oriented? My advice is that you choose between 3 and 5 topics that you can include in your feed. If you're not sure how to find them, take the free 3-day challenge!


Think about your "thing." Is there something that often inspires you that you can create or is part of your routine that you can creatively capture? Sharing it to your feed improves consistency, as viewers continue to see similar but unique images.


How do you engage with your customers and let your enthusiasm shine? Titles can be just as important as images once you grab someone else's attention. Are you comedy + irony or funny + bubbly or inspiring? Or your store relies on being an informed authority with more technical discussions on how to use the product. Consider how you speak to a close friend or acquaintance when writing, which is more natural and highlights your personality.

People want to meet you behind the brand. Don't sell your products, sell all the expertise your brand brings. 


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Your Audience

Who are they? How do they interact with your product? Need style tips that lead you to show off more practical design inspiration? Or is your store a fun place full of strange gifts that allow for more creative images?

Knowing who your audience is means knowing how to communicate with them and what kind of information to share. There are always accounts that don't realize this, which is why she bounces off a variety of topics every day, which can confuse her audience ... is she now a food blogger? I thought you were selling jewelry ... maybe that's just one thing?

Once you've determined your audience, using hashtags is a great way to attract new users to your brand. For tips on how to find the best hashtags for your business.

If you're struggling with the platform or you're not sure how to finally reach your followers and turn them into customers, learn how to connect with your audience so you can build trust and build them. Win as a customer without "selling".


Create a Schedule


Part of having a cohesive feed means posting only twice a week. To help keep your customers informed, you can create headlines these days, such as "Friday Favorites", where you can share your store or employee preferences using all of the above. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. If you can post more often, try to plan ahead.

Take some time once a week to decide what you want to promote, then take multiple shots for options later. It gives you the flexibility to do something different if your mood strikes you, but if you're busy and 500 other things pop up this week, you still cover it. Phew!

Once you've created your schedule, you can start scheduling your posts in advance! This will be the best thing for you.

In the end, all of these aspects of 'making a good Instagram' can help you understand what you need to "post". 

There should be a very big word here, but if you have a healthy + happy Instagram account, it really matters to your bottom line. Customers trust to learn more about the brand through their social media, so you want your account to be a good representation of who you are, what your business is and why you want your products in their life. That’s why while maintaining consistency in every customer interaction, creating a strategy that allows you to build yourself is very important.

Your goal is to create a seamless experience, so if they meet you in person, shop in the store, follow your Pinterest boards, or get on your Instagram account, the feeling is similar. The holy grave is where the customer can see the image and say it instantly without knowing ... "Your brand" looks like this

Is this sound terrible? Ik, I hope not! I think this is a fun forum for you rather than a tune that details don't burn. In a survey, 56% of respondents said they were too boring or discontinued the brand for sale - this is an easy place to start, right?


          Be yourself, have fun, and show personality.



















Still not sure what to post?

So let’s take advantage of the research. According to Kurtl, these 6 properties get the most Instagram likes:


Lightness – 24% over dark images
Background – greater amount of background or white space is preferred 29% more
Dominant Color – blues tones receive 24% more likes than red images
Number of Colors – a single dominant color receives 17% more likes than images with multiple dominant colors (don’t need to be monotone, just pick a focus color!)
Saturation – images with lower saturation receive 18% more likes than more vibrant looks (I blame our obsession with filters for this, but I can’t argue with it either. I always de-saturate just a smidge)
Texture – higher levels of texture receive 79% more likes!
Selfies – …..I’m just going to say sparingly and no duck lips Kim K style

Helpful Instagram Apps:

VSCO – my all time favorite editing app. It has amazing filters that can help with that consistent "look" plus great editing options to play with saturation, exposure, and contrast (my main three).

SnapSeed – great for fine tuning and fine detail editing. This is my assistant when I need to lighten up white colored

Planoly – the best accessory - !!!! When you're done editing, upload all your images with captions, @mentions and hashtags, then set a date and time in the future! Since Instagram does not allow third parties to post on your behalf, the app simply sends you a reminder of your post, logs into the app and hits "Confirm Post" and it will copy your signature and Will upload your image - just paste your caption and hit "Share"!



Join me on PINTEREST and Download your free Instagram Checklist

Join me on PINTEREST and Download your free Instagram Checklist

Join me on PINTEREST and Download your free Instagram Checklist

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