How to Start a Small Business with No Money

I am a student of 12th class and I have started a Small business or you can say a Side Hustle with an Investment that I can afford with my Pocket Money

How I started my Small Business

I saw many Influencers wearing Scrunchies so I decided to buy them too, Then I lookout for some pages on Instagram who sells Scrunchies and you won't believe the price of one Scrunchie was more than my one month Pocket Money. So then I decided to sell my own Scrunchies at Cheaper Prices.

But I didn't have any money for that, then once my mother took me to a Cloth Store where she wants to buy her saare's. So from there I took small amount of Cloth for free, Then I make Scrunchies out of them, Sell them and Earn some money and buy new cloth from those money, This goes on.

I had started this thing 1 year ago and Now I am so proud to say that I have an Instagram account ( @exotic_trends_2003) with 4400 followers, More than 2000 New Customers and I can buy my food and Clothes on my own.


For starting a Small Business you don't really need a lots of money. You can start it with your little Pocket Money too. Plus you don't have to quit your job you can do it as a Side Hustle.

What's the Right Approach ?


" Focus on the Solutions of your Problems"

For Example:

If you don't have any Small Business Idea, focus on finding the suitable Small Business Ideas.

Here is Small Business Ideas List you can take help from this.

If you don't have money, focus on finding a way to Raise Money Required.

You can also think of raising the money first and then you can search for an idea which is affordable.

How to find Best Small Business Idea 

We got it that you have no Money or a little amount of money i.e your Pocket Money

So How to find Small Business Idea which is Affordable and Best for you.

1) List down your skills

First note down all the skills you are good at on a Paper.

Think about those skills of yours which you know can get you a job in the market

List down those skills you have learned out of self-interest

For Example:

Playing Guitar, Dancing, Beatboxing, Swimming or anything else

I Recommend you to write at least 20-30 skills

2) Rank your skills in the sequence of your love for them


Now as you have a long list, Rewrite the skills according to how much you love them.

Rank 1st goes to the skill which you love the most and this goes on.

If you are Confused between two options, feel free to assign the same rank to both of them.

But, Don't assign many skills on same rank as it'll create a problem later on

3) Consider the Long Term

As for now you have given the ranking to your skills.

Now let's think for the long term.

Now rank the skills on your list considering the following questions

a) Can you do this for 5 years straight ?

b) Will you continue it even if you do not see any initial results ?

Don't worry you do not have to like doing that activity every single day.

Like I too have a small business and there are some days when I don't feel like making Scrunchies and that's okay. 

Such things are normal as far as you think you can continue doing it even if you hate doing it somedays

4) Pick top 5

Now as you have a ranked list, Pick top 5 skills

Don't worry we are not skipping all the other skills we'll get back to them later

5) Generate Small Business Ideas around them

For al the 5 skills write at least 10 business ideas for each skill

May be after 5 Ideas about one skill your brain might jam and you can't think of any more business idea, in that case think about the problems people face in that skill

For Example:

In my case, I thought everyone can't afford such expensive Scrunchies so I should sell them at low Cost

Likewise you also think of some problems people face and try to solve them as a part of your business

And for Example

In that top 5 list you are not able to find any business idea about any skill then checkout for the 6-10 Ranked skills

And last thing to do is

Select any one suitable Small Business Idea which is best for you.

Small Business Ideas List

Let me help you in some Small Business Ideas which you can take help of if your brain is Jammed

These are those ideas which do not require initial investment

1) Freelance Writing

This is my favorite thing to do. I love managing social media. If you love this too you can make money out of it. Many startups and Small businesses rely heavily on social media to find Customers. You can manage their social media and get paid for it.

2) Start a Blog

By this you can turn your love for writing into a small profitable business and this too doesn't need much initial Investment 

3) Graphic Designer

If you love designing work then this is best for you. You can open your own designing brand or you can work as a freelance designer too.

4) Social Media Manager

This does not need any Investment. You can Search for some websites which accepts freelance writers 

Like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. and just start making money.

5) Reseller

You can be a Reseller, This is the best business idea. Earn without any investment, Find any small business who sell something you want to sell, Ask them if you can resell their products. Add your commission to their price and sell them.