Here are five simple ways you'll be able to grow your own Instagram following:

1. Put your handle on your packaging and marketing materials. 

Make your handle very visible on your marketing materials and products. The probabilities of somebody considering you having an Instagram and trying to find you're not up to if you expose your handle for your consumer to determine.

2. Send products to Instagram influencers.

What accounts does your target market follow?

Find those accounts and see if they're going to do a promoted post for you.

Ideally, they’ll conform to posting in exchange at no cost products. However, lots of times they'll impose additional fees for posting. If your site allows promo codes, see if the influencer will conform to a custom promo code, where you pay them per use. When one in every of the influencer's followers orders, you win and therefore the influencer wins.

3. Comment.

Seek to get interested with other people's profiles by leaving comments.

Obviously, "liking" pictures is good, but after you comment, your name and handle get more exposure than does a like.

4. Tag a friend.

Host an Instagram giveaway that needs your followers to tag a devotee within the comments. Therefore, your audience will bring you new followers who might not have heard of you yet. Recently, we did a giveaway where we had our followers tag a devotee and add an emoji story about their respective friendships.

We've got more entries than we've ever had on a giving!

5. Give people a reason to follow you.

Instead of just saying, "Follow us on Instagram," give people a reason for that.

as an example, my company incorporates a charitable purpose and that we encourage people to follow our Instagram to determine their purchases at work. So, if you too have a fashion product, tell followers they will get style inspiration on your Instagram. Incentivize them with the content you provide instead of just telling them to follow you.