Since Instagram’s creation, it's grown into the final word platform for sharing photos.

Over 800 million monthly users are active on the location. quite 60 million photos are posted on a daily basis, and 1.6 billion daily “likes” are given.

There’s also an outsized number of influencers on the location with an enormous amount of followers. And with the proper plan, you'll be able to become an influential brand, too.

You need to post the correct reasonably content to remain relevant to current

followers while also bringing in new ones.

But it may be hard to understand which styles of posts work best for growing your audience.​

Here are ten powerful Instagram marketing tips (that actually work) that you simply can use to exploit the popular platform for all that it’s worth.

1. Switch to a business profile ASAP

Before you begin considering your Instagram marketing plan, make sure that you simply have an Instagram Business Account.​

It’s easy to switch your current profile to a business account.

Just head to your settings and click on on “Switch to Business Profile” to urge started.​

There are some obvious benefits of having a company profile.

For example, followers can click on your contact button to induce involved with you right from your Instagram page similar to they'd from your website.​

A business profile allows you to make and publish Instagram ads without having to use Facebook’s advertising tools.

You can also access Instagram Analytics tools, called Insights, which provide statistics on the impressions and reach of your posts.

Once you’ve unlocked the free perks that come together with a business profile, you wish to begin using them to trace metrics and understand your audience.


2. Use free Instagram tools

Instagram business profiles aren't all that different from Facebook business profiles.

Through Insights, you'll be able to view statistics like impressions, engagement data, and more.

You can even get a breakdown of the demographics of your followers, including information on their age, gender, location, and most active hours.

Insights aren’t just generalized, either. you'll get specific insights on posts for the week that show you the way many impressions you earned for that point period and what your top posts were.

These free tools are priceless because you'll be able to use them to know exactly how users are interacting along with your content.

The more that you just comprehend how users are interacting together with your posts, the higher you'll adjust your content to spice up engagement.

One category of posts that's nearly always attention-grabbing is product teasers.


3. Post product teasers which will (gently) urge people to shop for

What if you may sell more products just by posting product teasers on Instagram?

Well, you can.

Instagram may be a good spot to advertise your products. 

And if you play your cards correctly, you 're not going to bug users or scare them off with advertising, either.

If you’re too pushy, followers will drop like flies. But product teaser posts are an easy thanks to discuss your product and increase excitement without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Here are two posts from Gilt Man’s Instagram page that don’t directly attempt to sell a product, but offer a free app where users can shop all of the brand’s inventory.

The brand offers a 70% off discount while showing you photos of a number of the things that are available to get.

And the posts received thousands of likes each, which is large within the advertising world.

The ads work because they aren’t pushy. They’re laid back. They tease users with the discount and merchandise image to download the app and go looking.​

This works for pretty much any industry. Starbucks teases their audience by announcing seasonal drinks with sharp imagery and without trying to force people to shop for them.

When you tease people about products they're inquisitive about, and you don’t push them into buying anything, they’ll be more likely to tug the trigger and really buy something.

If not, they’ll a minimum of engage together with your post by liking it, commenting on that, or sharing it with a disciple.

So don’t be afraid to point out off the products by posting product photos. Just fuck gently.

It also helps to form some sponsored ads.


4. Create sponsored ads

Instagram ads became commonplace on the platform. the simplest part? You can control exactly what quantity you wish to spend on them by setting an advert budget.

You can display just one sponsored ad or multiple ads with a carousel feature.

This gives brands the power to focus on their audience in an exceedingly whole new way

Before supported posts, only users who follow your account may see your notifications and photos.

Now, brands can promote their photos to anyone that matches their target market to increase their reach further than ever before.

For sponsored ads, use content that's engaging while also appealing to the target demographic you would like to place the ad before of.

You can turn existing posts into sponsored ads, too, so keep a watch on your top posts.

You can push these high-performing posts out later to potential customers within the sort of sponsored ads.

Run multiple posts to different audiences simultaneously for even more engagement. Confine mind that there are many various styles of sponsored ads that you simply can post, such as:

  • Photo

  • Video

  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads

  • Stories

  • Stories Canvas

Instagram Stories, sponsored or not, are another good way to attach with followers.


5. Use Instagram Stories

If you would like to get leads, Instagram Stories are here to assist.

Instagram stories differ from regular Instagram posts because they are available in a very “slideshow” format.

They’re only live for twenty-four hours, but Stories is saved to any of your devices and reused at a later point.

This feature is extremely kind of like Snapchat Stories (and is even an immediate competitor).

Rather than appearing within the news feed, Instagram Stories appear in atiny low area above it.

Once a user clicks on your photo at the highest, a window will appear where they can view your Story.

The benefits of Instagram Stories to brands are truly infinite.

For starters, Stories are displayed at the highest of follower timelines where users already look daily

Brands can use stories to capture behind-the-scenes insider posts that will not be as “high-quality” as regular posts.

And you don’t must worry the maximum amount about posting content that aligns with the “aesthetic” of your brand or your Instagram page when it involves Stories.

Instagram also makes it easy to experiment with differing types of content within the Stories feature, like photos, short video, rewind video, live video, or Boomerangs. you'll be able to use tools like Canva and InVideo to create amazing images and videos for your stories.

Boomerangs are GIF-like images that play on a loop.

You can also tag other accounts in Stories, which is great if you're collaborating with another brand or influencer. 

Face filters, text or stickers make it easy to edit images or make fun, eye-catching visuals.

Every photo and video you add will play within the same sequence that you just added it.

The amount of posts that you simply can boost Stories at any given time is unlimited, and also the feature is available to all or any businesses globally.

Stories are only available on the Instagram mobile app, so it is not currently possible to send Instagram Stories as direct messages.

But since most Instagram users access the location via the smartphone app rather than the web site, this isn’t really something to fret about.

If you haven’t partnered with influencers who are already making a killing on Instagram, find some that you just want to figure with and reach dead set them.


​6. Partner with influencers for a wider reach

If you would like to achieve potential customers on Instagram, the fastest way to do this is through influencers who have already built an audience with an outsized following.​

More and more people are buying services or products supported what they see in their feed from the influential people they follow. They trust them.

If you partner with the proper industry influencer, you'll get your brand enter front of these users.​

The first step is to do and identify some influencers that have an audience that's relevant to your product or service.

Here's an example of how Gravity Blankets used influencer Jessi Smiles to advertise their product on their Instagram account.

The post has thousands of likes.

The company sells weighted sleep and comfort blankets.Their Instagram page has under 10,000 followers.

This means that the brand has just been exposed to thousands of potential customers (and new followers) through a single post.


If you throw aside the short-term gains and direct sales you can make from the influencer campaign, there are even more long-term benefits.

If you build a relationship with each influencer, you’ll build lasting brand awareness with a brand new audience.


7. Collect user-submitted photos

Wouldn’t or not it's nice if there was some way to form great content for your Instagram page without doing any of the hard work?

Through user-submitted photos, there is.

You have already got an engaged audience. Whether it’s many people or thousands, you'll leverage your audience to come up with useful content for you.

And your followers are likely to enjoy user-generated content even though they enjoy yours becauase it's authentic and unpredictable.

Cosmetics brand MAC uses loads of user-generated content that they promote on their Instagram page to point out off products.

Here’s a photo one amongst their users posted that they then added to their Instagram page. Notice how they used the hashtag #regram and tagged the user within the image.

You might be wondering exactly how you'll get your users to make engaging content without being pushy.

It’s actually fairly simple. Your audience probably wants to grow their own following, a bit like you are doing.

Let them know that you will tag them in your post if you decide to regram their photo, then they will have an incentive to post user-generated content on the same basis.

It’s a win-win for you and your customers.