​Now, the harder part. Anyone can submit missive of invitation for Instagram verification. But Instagram is sort of clear: “submitting missive of invitation for verification doesn't guarantee that your account are verified.”

Here are some dos and don’t to assist your application to verify your Instagram account have the simplest chances of success.

Do have a good bio

A complete profile is one in all the items Instagram looks for when deciding whether to verify your account. confirm you complete all of the Instagram bio fields with accurate and relevant information about yourself or your business.

Do be honest

Make sure you're completely accurate and truthful altogether stages of the Instagram verification process.

Using your real name and select the right category for your account.most significant, use a true document—with no changes or alterations—to prove your identity.

This should be obvious. But just just in case you’re pondering trying to cheat the system, know this.

Specifically, Instagram says, "If you give false or misleading information during the verification process, we will withdraw your checked badge and take further action to delete your account."

Do be newsworthy

Instagram reviews each verification manually. one in all the factors Instagram staffers check is whether or not the user is featured in multiple news sources. How does one get featured in multiple news sources?

If you’ve got something newsworthy to mention, try sending out a promulgation. Or try reaching intent on local news organizations with information about what you are doing. If you’ve never been within the news before, an area angle is your best bet. From there, you'll be able to build to larger coverage. Post all relevant stories in an exceedingly press section on your website or blog to allow them a bit extra visibility.

Keep in mind that paid or promotional content does not count.

Do have a presence outside of Instagram

Even if you've got plenty of Instagram followers, it’s hard to create the case that you’re “notable” if you've got no presence outside of Instagram. If Instagram staffers Google you during the verification review process, what is going to they find?

Make sure your website or blog is optimized to seem in search results. To grow your online presence, you'll consider guest posting on other blogs or sites, especially if they're well-known and revered in your niche.

Do post regularly

The guidelines say that you simply should have a minimum of one post to be considered for verification. But, realistically, you ought to not apply until you've got a more robust Instagram presence than that.

An inactive account isn't a good candidate for Instagram verification. to spice up your chances of getting the blue badge, confirm to post new content regularly. If you’re having trouble arising with post ideas, try our suggestions for what to post on Instagram.

Do get your follower count up

There’s now not a collection number of required followers to urge verified on Instagram. But, confine mind that one in all the necessities for verification is being “notable.” More followers may be a key indicator of noteworthiness.

Another factor that Instagram considers is how likely you are to be impersonated.Nobody is probably going to impersonate an account with just some followers. The larger your account, the more likely you're to be Instagram-copied. This makes it more likely that Instagram will want you to own the verification badge.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a listing of how to urge more followers on Instagram.


Don't connect to any other social media in your bio

Do not cross-promote your other social accounts in your Instagram bio, and particularly don’t use your Insta bio to ask people to follow you elsewhere.

Instagram says it does not allow accounts that "contain 'join me' links to other social networks."

Don’t use a third-party service to use

Don’t try and get an internal edge. Just follow the steps above.

Instagram specifically says to not try and verify your account through a 3rd party. There are many scammers out there who will try and sell you Instagram verification. Don’t fall for it.

Don’t quit after the primary try

If initially you’re denied verification, take the time to enhance your profile and grow your audience. Once you’ve made the required changes and further established yourself on the platform, there’s no harm in trying again. you'll be able to apply again 30 days after your first request is denied.

Ultimately, getting Instagram verified will rely on sticking to a winning Instagram strategy and building a fanatical following. Do that, have patience, and it could happen to you.


Don’t lose your badge once you tumble

Once you get your verification badge, you don’t want to break down. which means you wish to still follow the terms of service and community guidelines.

In addition, Instagram may remove your badge, or perhaps disable your account, if you transfer or sell your badge, or use your profile pic, bio, or Instagram name to market other services. You worked hard to urge that Instagram verification. Don’t violate of the principles and see it removed.