How to get Native References as a Travel Blogger

Travel blogs are a business venture. In fact, so big, that at the moment it is worth being a local blogger. There are so many opportunities for all kinds of travel bloggers to make such checks. In this article, I will explain how to get Aboriginal References as a Travel Blogger!

Why Land native Sponsorships?

What are local sponsorships and how are they different from other blog sponsorships? Simply put, local sponsorship is a collaboration with any sponsorship or local brand.

Here are some common examples of local sponsorship:

  • Participate in a local event

  • Invite to a press / influence event in a business

  • Partnership with a travel organization or local tourism agency

  • Free local activities or free meals through someone Local restaurants

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These are the most common, but there are other types of sponsorship. Large partnerships can occur in large cities, with large companies or large travel companies, such as airlines or hotel chains.

If you're a local blogger with local links, it's worth working with local brands. When you build relationships with the community, you will position yourself as an expert that other members of the community can trust. Locals and travelers alike turn to local bloggers for ideas, recommendations and inspiration. Local businesses can use this power through collaboration.

Travel Blogging by the Numbers

Let's take a look at some statistics to get a better understanding of the travel industry. I know I personally prefer to use travel blogs as a resource when I visit a new place. Local bloggers keep an eye on the inside of their city or region, and appreciate this information where I live and when I'm away from home.

If you want to win local sponsorship as a travel blogger, you need to know the statistics. Here are some fascinating facts and figures on the world of travel blogging:

  • Travelers under the age of 30 made up 23% of all international arrivals in 2017.

  • 53% of travelers get holiday inspiration on Facebook and 40% get inspiration from their peers.

  • Pinterest reaches approximately 2X more travelers online than top agency sites.

  • 90% of millennials say brand integrity is important, showing that small customers prefer “perfect” over “real”. 

As you can see, the journey of blogging is more important than ever. As more and more travelers search for bloggers' information, this wave of new local bloggers must grow to meet this demand.


The harsh reality of travel sponsorship 

Before we move on, I have to tell you something true. Not long ago there were a lot of viral posts on Facebook in which brands were embarrassing influencers who demanded free content. I don’t think it’s the right way to embarrass someone in public online, but I understand the frustration of these brands.

So I wanted to get rid of some things right away:

# 1 You need the right intentions.

If you do not have the right intentions, this is not for you. If you're doing this for free or to participate in a local program for free, it's hurting the industry as a whole. Of course you can get excited about local events and enjoy these businesses, but you will also need value for business.

# 2 People will say no.


When you start marketing your brand, you can't hear anything. Some brands aren't open to collaboration, and that's fine. In my experience, the brand is very polite and will be considered even if you are not ready to cooperate at this time. There is nothing to be afraid of unless you search too hard or are rude. 




# 3 I have a job to do.

Traveling with a sponsor, attending a local event, or working with a local company is not the only thing to enjoy. They are still in the form of work. You need to focus on storytelling, posting on social media, gathering information for blog posts, taking photos, and so on.

 # 4 You are not qualified. 

Most importantly, as a blogger you are not qualified for anything. Regardless of the size of the platform, brands have no obligation to provide anything. You just need to be more discriminating with the help you give to others. Anyone can start blogging today and make money online.What makes you different?






Local Sponsorship Ltd. How to get it

Now take a look at the meat and potatoes in this post (or if you're a vegetarian like me, just potatoes). Land landing sponsorship is an effective way to make money online, but it's not going to happen overnight.

If you're in this whole blogging business to get rich quick, I'm not the first person to tell you that isn't. Before making money online as a travel blogger, you need to work with yourself: 

Self-hosted blogs and domain name social media channels for your blog to understand the FTC terms and guidelines no matter how much you want There is no limit to that, but I think you have a good number to hit 10 before you start pitching brands.

Why should they be given travel-oriented attention? Basically, you need to show that you are part of the local community and that means you have to share some of the community's travel content.

Moreover, these posts are a great resource if you are promoting brands and need some examples to showcase them! From there you can try to get local sponsorship as a travel blogger. 


Travel Blog Pitch Template

Not sure how to make a travel blog pitch template bad luck? From my many years of online work as a freelancer I have developed a simple formula: introduce yourself + introduce your blog + why you want to work with a brand / event + what you provide + your stats. That's it!

Here is an example. Let’s say I’m an Orlando blogger who hosts a local food and wine festival. How do I set up a press connection:

Hi [name],

my name is Sam, and I'm an Orlando local behind the website. I've been blogging about travel and food in Orlando since 2015, and I've built a strong community in my little corner of the web.

With the next Food and Wine Festival, I wanted to know about a possible collaboration. Since this is the first Food and Wine Festival, I wanted to produce a full blog post (over 1500 words) detailing how to meet the festival with festival recommendations, accommodation, transportation, and more. Also, I want to cover the event through 2 posts on my Instagram account and see the events and stories of the day as my favorite food. 

 I've attached my media kit with my stats in this email, but I've made two similar posts for local events in the past year:

- 10 things you should know about the Fishing Festival - by 2020. 

– Music Festival Lineup for 2020

Thank you for your consideration of the schedule. I look forward to hearing from you soon

That’s it! See how it was shared about the incident. They get some publicity before the event, as well as real-time coverage from local influencers. This is win / win! 




Are you ready for local sponsorship?

Time to take these suggestions for yourself! There's no limit when you can start launching products like a travel blogger. If you have an audience, there's plenty you have to say to the brands.

As a local blogger, you have a lot of power. Take things along the way and try not to focus too much on the problem. As a travel blogger, nothing stops you from getting a local sponsor. Have you ever f