Engage Your Social Media Followers:
Weekly Theme Ideas To Use

Engage Your Social Media Followers

Many direct marketers use Facebook groups to create communities with friends, family, customers and prospects.

This is a great way to connect with others, showcase your product and deliver value.

As I was thinking of different ways to engage Facebook groups,

this week I thought about sorting by category and theme.


Health & Wellness

Week 1: Back To Basics

Explore the group's core struggle.

  • Is it related to weight?

  • Do you focus on diet and exercise?

  • Is it related to time management or feeling overwhelmed?

In any case, go back to your daily struggle base and make some posts

to focus on for the rest of the month.

Week 2: A Day In The Life

Use this week to show the community how to incorporate products into your daily life.

In some cases, not just product photos, but behind the scenes, real-life photos and stories about how the product is used can be more valuable. 

This will encourage your community to communicate and ask questions, and you will have a deeper relationship with your members.

Week 3: Open Forum

Now that your community has been around for the past two weeks and encourages you to post your questions.

  • What more do they want to know?

  • What things are they stuck on?

  • How can your product help them?

Week 4: Self-Care Success

Find fun ways to promote self-care.

Share a photo or personal story about how you make time for yourself. Encourage your class to share a photo or explain what they mean by personal care.

Jewelry & Accessories

Week 1: Everyday Wear

Have a little fun and show your community how easy it is to brighten up a basic day look with some simple jewelry or accessories.

Encourage your audience to share their favorite piece that they never leave the house without wearing it.

Week 2: Let’s Get Organized

Do you have a great way to organize or display all your jewelry and accessories?

Looking for a new way to keep your product clean?

Show your group how you personally store and display all of your jewelry and accessories.

Week 3: Keep It Clean 

Most jewelry and accessories makers have great tips on how to keep things clean, but most consumers are unaware of this information

This is also a great time to discuss your business warranty policies so your community is familiar with casual wear and tear and defective items.

Use this week to highlight these guidelines with some of the funniest posts.

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Week 4: Date Night Out

Plan a night and bring your Facebook group with you!

Let them choose what to wear, what jewelry and accessories will go with the outfit they choose, and even suggest a place for them to go or do things.

Everyone loves to share their stories and give their opinion on things.

Clothes & Fashion

Week 1: Step By Step

Many customers may feel a bit shy about choosing outfits with different mixes of patterns or contrasting colors in the direct sales world of new clothing and fashion. 

Start small by suggesting the best top or best skirt that matches the basics found in most people's wardrobes.

Work through the week and show how you decide which patterns work well together.

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Week 2: Color Wheel

Highlight a different color tone every day of the week!

Teach your community which color works best and why.

Play a small game showing an item of clothing and ask your group which compliments look best. Have fun with this one.

Consider using this color infographic psychology to motivate your story.















































Week 3: Seasonal Tip

Think about layers and ways to dress for different types of weather.

Your Facebook group may have members from across the country, this week will be great to highlight the best weather outfits in major cities across the country.

Week 4: Fashion Show

Everyone loves to share photos of their beautiful fashion outfits!

Select a few clients to highlight (with your permission) and encourage the rest of your group to join.


Maybe we'll have a virtual fashion show, Epic Facebook Party, ending this month.

Cookware & Food

Week 1: Guess The Gadget 

Play thousands of games this week to motivate your Facebook group.

Create original graphics that highlight lesser used devices or foods that many customers don't know about.

Week 2: Cheap & Cheerful

Is there a recipe you want to use as it is cheap and has few happy ingredients?

Maybe they use cheaper foods and feed large families.

Take time to share some of these recipes with the community, send samples to those who need them, and ask for feedback.

The twist to this concept is a weekly collection of your favorite recipes. Meatless Monday, Taco Chusden, etc.

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Week 3: Dinnertime Fails 

Losing Food Enjoy this week and share behind-the-scenes action in your kitchen.

Side by side the pictures of the recipe and side by side with your own homemade version.

Get your community talking by having them share their own dinnertime fails stories!

Week 4: Personal Chef

End the month by playing personal chef.

  • What are the recipes your guests want to try? 

  • What items are useful to your community of people?

  • Which ingredient do your members want to try, but are not sure how to cook it properly?

Finish off with the mysterious hostess Facebook party. Your members will love the opportunity to earn great rewards.



Makeup & Skincare

Week 1: Fresh Faced

Take the courage and share a "blank canvas" with the group.

Get your makeup and skincare for free and share with your community what pushed you to join the company you represent.

Week 2: Daily Routine

Share a beauty routine for someone who has 5 minutes in the morning. The person who has a routine of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.

Sharing a skincare or makeup lesson that takes 20 minutes won’t mess up your Facebook group who only have 5 minutes in the morning. Sprinkle a little water on their face.

Focus on specific time limits for each day of the week and communicate with all your members.

Week 3: Tips & Tools

What makeup and skin care tips do you use every day? Weekly?

Share the real tools you're using and the best ways to keep them clean and tidy. 

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Week 4: All Made Up

Have a little fun this week!

Share the best ways to pamper yourself and what products you use when you have more time to do a weekly routine or wear evening makeup.

Let your Facebook members share their own photos of what they do to dress up or pamper.


I hope these ideas make light bulbs for you!

These issues will definitely attract your social media followers

When you go to your social media schedule, divide it into weekly topics, you will see that you want to create and schedule an original schedule. 

These ideas are repeated month after month!

Consider limiting the end of each month with a party at home or on Facebook so that your direct sales success and time continue again.